NJATSA Upcoming Meeting Schedule

Meetings: Coffee and networking from 9:00, meetings start 9:30 with announcements then presentation and end at Noon. Meetings are free for members and agency members and $5 for non-members.


December 8 – Trauma Remediation. Tracy A. Higgins, MA, LPC and Phil Caruso, MA, LPC will present Breaking the Cycle: Trauma Focused Care for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. This workshop will define and emphasize the importance of Trauma Focused Care in the assessment and treatment of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) who are vulnerable to sexual trauma, exploitation, and other forms of abuse across the lifespan.  Without vital supports, individuals with a history of trauma and/or limited education, resources and social opportunity are at an increased risk for misdiagnosis and potential criminal "acting out behaviors".  Participants will explore necessary education, clinical supports, and resources in treatment planning for survivors of sexual trauma with I/DD.  Burlington Co. Human Services Building.  Directions.

NJATSA Tentative 2018 Meeting Schedule - Please check back for updates

January 5 – PLEASE NOTE: MEETING CANCELED DUE TO WEATHER Polygraph: Legislation, Research, Treatment & Maintenance. Panel presentation. A review of recent research pertaining to the effectiveness of polygraph examinations and recent court decisions in NJ that affect the use of polygraph with supervised offenders. This review will also focus on mental or medical issues that may affect the polygraph process. Additionally, speakers will outline the referral process, the review process and the use of maintenance examinations in parole as well as how the results can be utilized in the treatment process. PLEASE NOTE LAST-MINUTE CHANGE (SORRY!) NJ Law Center. Directions.

February 23 – Child & Sexual Abuse Images Viewing Images of Child Sexual Abuse: What We Understand About This Crime. Recent improvements in computer technology have greatly increased the ready availability of images depicting naked children and adult-child sexual interactions. Commonly referred to as "child porn", the viewing of these images has led to increased numbers of men being identified, persecuted and sanctioned as sexual offenders. This presentation will provide an overview of the research related to these offenders and observations from providing treatment interventions. Middlesex County Training Center. Directions.

April 20 – Panel presentation: Overview of NJ’s Justice and Treatment Systems for Adult & Juvenile Sexual Abusers, from Investigation and Prosecution Through Treatment and Management. A multi-disciplinary panel will discuss various aspects of case processing and assessment, treatment and management of adult and juvenile sexual abusers along key points of justice contact. Collateral consequences of a conviction or adjudication, and sentence or disposition will be included. Panel moderators are Jessica Oppenheim, J.D., NJ-ATSA President, and Jackson Tay Bosley, Psy.D., Honorary NJ–ATSA Board member. Panel members are TBD. Advance registration required. This is a full day training at the NJ Law Center. Directions.

June 8 – Autism Spectrum Disorders. Burlington County Human Services Building. Directions.

September 14 – Technology & Sexuality. Presenters are Elizabeth Griffin and David Delmonico. Advance registration required. This is a full day training at the NJ Law Center. Directions.

October 12 – Panel of Offenders & Family Members. Advance registration required. This is a full day training at the NJ Law Center.Directions.

December 7 – Victim-Offender Roles & Goals: Advocacy and Partnership. Burlington County Human Services Building. Directions.


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